Thursday, May 11, 2017

TN - Examined - A Parents Right to Free Speech

While this appeal does not center around a Guardian ad litem that has failed. It could have.

 In an unusual case the Tennessee Court of Appeals indicated that some of the restrictions placed on the Mother regarding communications were vague or broad.

As an example the Mother was restricted from mentioning the Father at all on social media. This meant that the most benign reference would land the Mother in trouble.

What is even more interesting is that this was a Family Matters case and the Mother was Pro se.

For more details please follow these links:

Herston Law Group - Parent’s Right to Free Speech Examined in Nashville, TN Child Custody Modification: Gider v. Hubbell


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  1. And it isn't over yet....Lydia A Hubbell Facebook. And the Guardian Ad Litem in my case has most certainly failed my child. Sharlina Pye-Mack (Sharlina Mack). My daughter is emotionally disturbed and has been expressing suicidal ideation for over a year. All she needs is to have her "old" life back, and it was as fair and balanced and healthy as it could have been. We had a 185/180 parenting time split by consent order until my daughter was old enough to go to court. Just finished a new custody modification trial and I'm working on motions to alter or amend, etc. and will likely have to appeal. Much, much stronger case than I had the first time around. But lies from the other side prevail. I have the truth on my side and if the courts won't consider it, the public will. We got everything into the record we needed to. I had 2 awesome lawyers this time around, and we ended up with less than we had in the Oct. 15, 2015 order. Sick. "Bring Dilara Home" Facebook group.