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The following are articles where Guardians ad litem are mentioned. These articles come from national and international publications (this page was last updated on 05-09-2017):

2017-04-26 WV ABAJ Lawyer accused of billing over 24 hours in a day suspended; but official said others were worse
2017-04-26 IND IE Can anyone other than a parent be a child’s guardian? Delhi High Court says yes
2017-04-08 IRE IT Breda O’Brien: Child welfare system is too dependent on courts
2017-04-08 FL PBP Attorney for judge’s wife tried to change new rules for guardians
2017-04-07 NM AJ High court names guardianship panel
2017-04-05 IRE MS Guardian ad litem arrangements Pre-legislative Scrutiny by the Joint Oireachtas Committee for Children and Youth Affairs
2017-04-05 IRE IT Calls for Tusla to have no role in child court guardian scheme
2017-04-04 IRE IE Bid to end adversarial childcare hearings
2017-04-04 IRE LSI Submission on a national Guardian ad Litem service
2017-01-19 AL AL.COM The gross part of District Attorney 'hook-up' case is not the perjury
2017-01-19 IRE TIreT Guardian ad litem paid €240,000 last year, Dáil committee told
2017-01-18 IRE IT Rules for court-appointed guardians approved
2017-01-18 IRE IT Contentious role of guardians representing children in court
2017-01-18 NH NTel Bill to do away with all immunity not what rep wanted
2017-01-17 IRE IE Court-appointed guardians services set for reform
2017-01-17 IRE NT Major reforms to guardian system planned by Children's Minister
2017-01-17 MN KAAL Guardian ad Litem Board Works to Improve Complaint Process
2017-01-09 IL SCR Mudge grants motion to transfer injury suit against Norfolk Southern to Macoupin where accident occurred
2017-01-02 IRE IL Guardian ad litem reform to be proposed in 2017

2016-12-27 IRE IT Zappone to overhaul system of court-appointed guardians
2016-12-26 ID PR Grandparents’ guide to legal terms
2016-08-05 IRE IE 20 guardianship providers paid over €100k each
2016-06-11 Neb LSJ Local View: Have billionaires captured the Nebraska judicial branch?
2016-06-06 NC FO Investigation: A child's death, despite warnings to Social Services, court
2016-05-26 ME CM Maine CASA fall training set
2016-05-04 NE HT County looking at secondary public defender contract
2016-05-02 NY PRN Federal Civil Rights Law Suit Challenging Tennessee Juvenile Courts and Judicial Immunity
2016-04-26  TX AB Commissioners Respond to ‘Extortion’ Complaints
2016-04-15 NIRE BT Northern Ireland outdated laws on breakdown of families driving culture of court cases affecting kids
2016-04-11 ABAJ Grandstanding motions could bring sanctions, judge warns in suit over lawyer 'conflictineering'
2016-03-23 WA King5 Judge: Misconduct could jeopardize adoptions in Snohomish Co.
2016-03-08 FL Local10 Federal judge holds DCF in contempt for breaching gag order in Barahona case
2016-03-04 FL HT New rules established for guardians
2016-03-02 WA CHR Guardianship of Drowned Centralian
2016-01-27 MI CDC Michigan Court protects alleged abuser, strips mom of parental rights
2016-01-27 MI TDN Hearing delayed, charges fly in bitter custody battle
2016-01-25 MI TDN Mom’s lawyers want guardian removed from custody case
2016-01-23 MN CP What to do when you can't trust the guardian of your kids?
2016-01-22 IL VS Glen Ellyn Family Law Attorneys Named 2016 Super Lawyers ***This firm has been mentioned by upset parents numerous times as a result of a GAL working with the company.
2016-02-19 KS DH Daughter filing 'hundreds of hours' of audio evidence against Brian Wolferts
2016-02-18 PA TT Hearing set for former guardian ad litem seeking reinstatement as attorney
 2016-01-11 IRE IT James Reilly considering new body to regulate court-appointed guardians

2015-11-17 IRE IE Guardian ad litem reforms 'a step backward' says Council of the Bar of Ireland
2015-10-18 INDIA TH - HC appoints guardian for minor rape victim
2015-10-14 WV WDN - Williamson attorney under investigation
2015-10-12 INDIA LL - Delhi HC appoints a Welfare Officer as Guardian ad litem (GAL) to look after a Minor Girl raped by her brother; [Read Judgment] 
2015-07-20 MO STLT Change requirements for guardians ad litem in divorce cases
2015-06-09 IRE IT Department planning ‘extensive reform’ of guardian scheme
2015-06-09 IRE IT Child and Family Agency raises critical issues about how children are protected in the courts
2015-06-05 GA WRDW Protesters turn out against "Guardian Ad Litem" system
2015-05-27 SC JGTC CASA to take on more direct role in child court cases
2015-05-19 GA TAC Ad litem changes dubious
2015-05-19 UT FOX13 New parenting law gives divorced parents equal time with children
2015-05-18 UT GD Utah’s New Shared Parenting Law Serves as National Court Reform Model
2015-05-13 GA WTVM Augusta courts respond to complaints against guardians ad litem
2015-05-11 TX TDT Legal battle continues over late doctor’s remains, estate
2015-05-01 ME BDN Judge who levied gag order expected to face challenge in reappointment
2015-04-24 FL CCO 'Skunkie' Patriarch Passes Out in Small Claims Court: "Lake City Reporter put me over the edge"
2015-04-22 ME BDN Some will leave family court unhappy. That doesn’t mean justice wasn’t served
2015-04-21 ME BDN Divorced parents support bills to change child custody standard
2015-04-20 ME BDN Maine bills could lessen custody tensions during divorce
2015-04-16 ME PPH Letter to the editor: More assurances on Maine’s court fees would be welcome
2015-03-18 NE KETV7 County board votes against renewing contracts for law firms assigned to juvenile cases
2015-03-15 OH CLEV JANET M. (Duffett) FASSINGER
2015-02-20 MN FIL City Pages Article Targets Guardian Ad Litem Program
2015-02-18 MN CP Separated From Their Kids, Parents Unite Against One Court Guardian
2015-01-10 GA TAC Increased oversight needed for troubled guardian ad litem program
2015-01-03 INDIA TH - Body found at U.S. park is that of gunman

2014-12-04 GA WBRC What did judges know about guardian ad litem issues?
2014-10-21 MI DFP Court gets fresh look at kidnapper-killer Maslamani
2014-08-31 OH TCD Parents sue Nationwide Children’s Hospital over child abuse suspicions
2014-08-05 OH TCD Court removes several wards from care of attorney
2014-07-19 IRE IT Reilly to reform child court guardian system
2014-06-30 WA We have updated our Guardian ad Litem Policies!
2014-03-04 ME BDN Hancock County couple loses adoption fight; boy to stay with biological father in Indiana
2014-02-10 ME BDN Obituaries - Janice Hope (Larrabee) Hawthorne
2014-01-24 DC CCE DC Superior Court Adopts Practice Standards for Guardians ad Litem in Custody and Related Consolidated Cases
2014-01-16 ME MS Augusta, Waterville attorneys offer ideas for family court changes
2014-01-09 ME PPH On the Move - NEW HIRES: Christine Alberi
2014-01-03 ME BDN Maine CASA to hold spring training March 4-7 in Augusta

2013-12-17 PA TTT Former Lackawanna guardian ad litem pleads guilty to tax charge
2013-12-01 ME BDN Rural Maine holds opportunity for law graduates facing tough job market - Victoria Silver, Auburn
2013-11-12 ME BDN Father James Joseph Morrison
2013-11-06 IRE IT Law reporting project casts a light on the messy reality of family law cases
2013-10-28 IRE IT New study reveals ‘systemic weaknesses’ in child care legal proceedings
2013-10-21 ME MS  Leeds woman finds inspiration from Court Appointed Special Advocate
2013-10-10 ME PPH  On the Move - See Heather Whiting
2013-10-03 OH TDR Wayne County Guardian Ad Litem Program continues thanks to funds
2013-08-19 ME PPH Whatever breakup's cause, divorce still hits kids hard - Comment by GAL Elizabeth Stout and chair to the article on divorce rates in Maine. Kids First. See also GAL Connections
2013-08-04 ME PPH Another View: Collins breaks her word in filibuster of judicial nominee - A post that questions MEGALI presidents neutrality as a court officer and Guardian ad litem.
2013-07-18 ME BSC Governor signs guardian ad litem bill     
2013-07-10 ME PPH Augusta - Changes to guardian ad litem system signed into law - find post at end
2013-07-07 ME BDN Guardian ad litem reforms praised by supporters; LePage to sign bill Monday 
2013-06-02 PPH Society Notebook: Kids First helps families weather divorce
2013-06-01 ME MeSJ Pardon Me - search Amber Flanders or ad litem

2013-05-23 ME BDN Wife testifies in Gouldsboro rape trial against estranged husband
2013-05-18 ME PPH Letter to the editor: Letters to the editor: Guardians work for children, not money - Doris Luther
2013-05-13 GA CBS46 Investigation exposes little oversight of child advocates
2013-05-09 ME PPH Complaints fuel bid to reform children's representation in Maine disputes
2013-04-17 OH TCD State foster care needs an upgrade
2013-04-16 ME BDN Letter to the editor: Family court fees - Cynthia Martinez-Edgar
2013-04-14 ME PPH Maine Voices: Foster care system repeating old mistakes 
2013-04-11 ME BSC Reform for guardians ad litem under way
2013-04-07 ME TAH Proposed Maine Laws Might Have Changed My Life
2013-03-28 ME BDN Lawmakers, judges, parents call for improvements to court-appointed guardians system
2013-03-28 ME MPBN Public Weighs in On Maine's Proposed 'Guardian ad Litem' Reforms
2013-03-26 ME WLOB Interview Representative Lisa Villa 
2013-03-26 ME PPH Maine Voices: State's guardian ad litem program desperately needs oversight

2012-10-18 ME PPH Maine Voices: Plan for complaints about guardians ad litem protects them, not kids
2012-07-15 ME VS The Dating Game - Maine Guardian ad litem style‏ 
2012-07-10 ME PPH Brunswick attorney suspended from practicing law
2012-06-06 ME MPBN Maine's Chief Justice Seeks to Strengthen Guardian ad Litem System
2012-05-30 ME PPH Our View: Court holding hearing on guardian ad litem reform
2012-05-16 ME BDN Group seeks oversight, changes to Maine’s guardian ad litem program
2012-04-09 ME PPH Letter to the editor: Guardian ad litem reform needed for childrens' sake
2012-04-02 ME PPH Another view: Guardian ad litem system long overdue for reform
2012-03-27 ME PPH Maine Voices: There is no scandal with the guardian ad litem system in Maine
2012-03-09 ME PPH Maine Voices: Maine's guardian ad litem program desperately needs better oversight
2012-01-03 ME PPH Suspect in shooting of ranger, others found dead in park

2011-10-26 ME MPBN Maine Chief Justice Unveils Program to Encourage Free Legal Help for Poor

2011-10-21 IRE IT McAnaspie family seeks files from HSE
2011-06-08 ME PPH Bill Nemitz: Even courts quarreling over custody of young boy
2011-01-28 ME BDN Indigent legal services running out of money 

2010-10-24 OH TCD Voters Guide: Licking County Common Pleas judge
2010-07-12 OH TPD Child visitation rights go unenforced, fathers complain

2009-10-15 ME MPBN Report Gives Maine an "F" in Legal Protections for Children
2009-09-14 OH TCD Amid a holy war
2009-04-20 OH NOMG Lawyer asks Ohio Supreme Court to remove Judge Leslie Ann Celebrezze from divorce case
2009-02-26 TN MDN High Court Takes Conservative Stance on GALs
2009-01-26 OH TCLEV Cuyahoga domestic relations court ordered to stop dumping the most complex cases on visiting judge

2008-08-20 ME BDN Forum solicits ideas on abuse; Officials seek to impede increasing domestic violence in Maine
2008-04-15 ME BDN Bangor lawyer lauded for work on behalf of kids

2007-04-27 ME BDN States urged to appoint lawyers for children

2007-02-01 ME BDN State’s high court cites judge in ’04 primary ethics violation

2006-06-13 ME BDN Court: Parents’ rights ignored; DNR order issued without their input

2005-06-05 ME BDN Man gets four years for burglaries, thefts
2005-05-20 ME LRW GAO working on accountability in Augusta 
2005-05-05 ME BDN Letter to the editor: GUARDIANS OF SUCCESS

2004-06-02 ME SCO Pelletier certified as guardian ad litem

2004-07-13 ME BDN Child project introduced Down East 

2003-12-25 ME BDN Mainers’ best interest

2003-11-03 ME BDN Lawmaker fights DHS, state court in custody case 
2003-04-28 ME BDN Former Maine couple lose DHS suit

2001-12-01 ME BDN Report on child custody reviewed; Panel recommends interview audiotapes
2001-11-19 ME BDN DHS probe focusing on rights of parents
2001-11-09 ME DBN Mother of slain foster child sues DHS 
2001-11-06 ME BDN Indians question DHS actions; Number of children removed from homes 5 times national average
2001-10-27 ME BDN DHS too slow to aid children, says new study; Cases of repeated neglect, abuse found to be common in Maine

2001-10-23 ME BDN Reviews mixed on open child hearings
2001-10-12 ME BDN Judge dismisses lawsuit by couple against DHS
2001-09-29 ME BDN Mom sues foster care victim’s legal guardian
2001-09-11 ME BDN Expert says DHS secrecy abuses power 
2001-07-24 ME BDN State backs seizure of Moscow children
2001-05-09 ME BDN Two involved in case of dead child honored 
2001-04-04 ME BDN Parenting topic at conference; Foster, adoptive guardians to hear about attachment disorder
2001-03-13 ME BDN Custody decision likely next week
2001-01-02 ME BDN Letter to the editor: Children in the middle

1999-04-07 WI WisBAR Guardian ad litem training requirements go into effect July 1

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