Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Call, e-mail your Maine State Representative on the following two appointments

Tomorrow Maine's Representatives vote for State Treasurer and Attorney General tomorrow. We urge you to contact your Representative about the following two:

For State Treasurer - Guardian ad litem Terry Hayes is a name that many in Maine should and will recognize. Call or email your Representative asking him/ her not to vote for GAL Terry Hayes.

For Maine State Attorney General - Josh Tardy Esq. was nominated for the position. Josh is no friend of the 'Family Court' system and parents abused. Last year he spoke on behalf of Judge Patricia Worth and and Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz. Both of who were re-appointed despite efforts made by parents and concerned citizens. These reappointments were the result of superb lobbying efforts of Josh Tardy Esq. in selling damaged goods.

Please email, call your Representative by tomorrow morning and ask them to not vote either in.

For backup on Josh Tardy and Terry Hayes GAL: