Friday, March 3, 2017

CT - Six On Judiciary Committee Vote Against Reappointment - Judge Wetstone

Today, six non-attorney members of the Judiciary Committee voted against corruption in our state's "family" court system. They did so by voting against the reappointment of Judge Wetstone.

Judge Wetstone is one of three "family" court judges in this state who ran the AFCC. A private corporation where these "family" court judges extorted and funneled MILLIONS of dollars from already suffering parents into the hands of a very small, select and secretive group of well-connected divorce attorneys, "therapists" and Guardian ad litems.

As they kept children from seeing their parents for no valid reason or cause.... other than to prolong cases and conflict - to drive up their billable hours and to essentially traffic in children in the name of attorney profit and greed.
These legislators are:

McLachlan (R), Gonzalez (D), Markley (D), Porter (D), Sampson (R) and Suzio (D)
If these are your legislators - PLEASE reach out and thank them!

They are the ones who are LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE of this state. Not the attorneys on the committee who profit from all of this and who have been outright lying to other legislators by claiming that "everything is fine!" in our broken and inherently corrupt "family" courts.
This means you Sen. Doyle (D), Rep. Tong (D) and Rep Rebimbas (R), and as you have KILLED every family court reform bill proposed by THE PEOPLE for the second year in a row.

Now Wetstone goes into front of the whole legislature for a vote. Let's hope she becomes the first "family" court judge held fully accountable for the lives of the children and families she destroyed.

As Judges Bozzuto, Adelman and Suarez should have also have been accountable for their misdeeds and violations of state and federal law and the Constitution earlier this year, but were not as evidence of their misconduct was excused away by these attorneys.

The above was posted on Facebook by Peter T Szymonik regarding the reappointment of Judge Wetstone. The fact that six representatives voted to not reappoint sends a powerful message that something is wrong with the Family Court system and the "court officers" which work in it. Get involved with your state government to bring about change. Educate those you meet as to the issues in Family Court, Guardians ad litem and other court officials.

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