Sunday, May 19, 2013

Consumer Friendly and Easy to Understand - Proposed Overseers of the Bar Management

We have been told that the Overseers of the Bar would provide an effective means of Guardian ad litem oversight and management. We have also been told that the means of filing a complaint through the Overseers is something that the average person would be able to understand and do on their own. While it is true that anyone can file a complaint - and that a lawyer is not needed - as many are being told. The problem is understanding the Rules and Rules for professional Conduct.

Because the public are being told how easy it is to understand what they will have to deal with we are publishing both the Rules and Rules of Professional Conduct so that you can get a preview of what is to come for Guardians ad litem. Before diving in and reading here are some statistics:

The rules consist of 62 pages and 40205 words. The Rules of Professional Conduct comes in at a lite 138pages and 87700 words (the current flawed Rules and Standards for Guardians ad litem come in at a hefty 18 pages and 8008 words). Both of these documents are allegedly easier to understand and as Rep Jarrod Crockett would have us believe - make for an easier process for management, oversight and more importantly filing a complaint. It is nice to know that Rep Crockett is so concerned about making things easier for his constituents and citizens of Maine as to support a process that only a lawyer could love.

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We present to you a preview of what is to come courtesy of the Maine Overseers of the Bar:

pdf versions -

The Rules

The Rules for Professional Conduct

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