Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Judicial and Guardian ad litem abuse

And the impact that it has on our children.

The link we have provided is to an interview given by the Director of the Center for Judicial Excellence. They are an advocacy group that works for Judicial and Guardian ad litem reform based out of California but with a national focus. The interview is amazing in that the Director talks about Judicial and Guardian ad litem abuse and how it impacts the lives of our children. How evidence is ignored by the court and that we are creating a social cost to society - people and more importantly the children that Guardian ad litems are supposed to represent are growing up with a mistrust of the court system. This because quite often Guardian ad litems do not advocate for the 'best interest of the child' or what is safe for our children.

There needs to be change to the system that creates and manages Guardian ad litems as there are issues in every state.

Click this link: Center for Judicial Excellence and press the green arrow to start the interview. The interview lasts just under 10 minutes.

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