Thursday, April 12, 2012

We want to hear your story about the Guaridan ad Litem experience

We want to hear your Guardian ad Litem experience. Has you and your family been the victims of the GAL assigned to your case? Has your Guardian ad Litem failed to do any of the following?

1.   Provide bills that are transparent and easy to understand?
2.   Made comments (opinionated and or unsubstantiated) about you or your child in court or out.
3.   Has had 'ex parte' communication with the presiding Judge.
4.   Has not met with your child or has met for only a limited time.
5.   Has not contacted, met or has limited contact with your child's educators.
6.   Has not contacted, met or has limited contact with your child's caregivers on a regular basis.
7.   Has not contacted, met or has limited contact with your child's medical providers.
8.   Has shown bias.
9.   The GAL has not been open in his/ her communication with both parties of the custody.
10. Has written in defense of the other side.

I am from Maine where there is a huge problem with the Guardian ad Litem system. There is also a problem on the national level. I am looking for your stories to publish, to let the government in your state know about the issues, to make those in the Federal government aware that there is a problem. Please help us help you.


  1. How do I give you my story? Do I submit it through here?

  2. National GAL alertApril 15, 2012 at 10:08 PM

    Please send your stories to us at Because we do not know if your case is ongoing or sealed any names will be edited. We may take only parts of what you have written. Thank you for your support.

  3. My GAL told not one shred of truth in her report. She twisted every single document to her advantage. never reported drug addiction from the other side. Took my children away from the biological father and gave them to a drug addict and an illegal alien with a fake drivers license living in this state.

  4. She actually had an agenda, and that was at no cost to take my children away from me. My story will blow your mind, and is way to long to write down on this website.